Takeout and Delivery

At Delicious Thai, you can call to order your food in advance for takeout or delivery as your convenience. Our staffs are very pleased to help you find your favorite dishes and send the order to the kitchen. Just give us a call!

Food preparation time is approximately 15-20 minutes for small orders (1-5 items) in regular hours. Sometimes, when the kitchen is busy like 6:00-8:00 pm, it will take longer due to a large volume of orders during that period. To best serve you the food, you can pre-order the food in advance when the restaurant is open and tell your pick-up time. The food will be ready for your when you arrive.

Our designated drivers work mostly on Friday and Saturday; however, our delivery partners can serve during the non-rush weekday. Within 5-10 km away from the restaurant, it will take 15-20 mins to deliver the food upon the traffic.

Just give us a call
403-450-1996 or
403-400-1900 to
place the order

Use your credit card for pre-authorization payment
or Paypal for debit

The food will be
delivered to your
home. Just sit back
and relax.

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